3D Blades Technology for a Human Drone

Most Advanced Technology in Human Carrying Drones

All modern propelled vehicles are using 3D blades technology.

Vertically moving blades create a greater control and stability for flying. 


3D blades instantly change the pitch (angle) of the blades to reduce or increase of air flow what results in greater stability and control of the drone movement. 


Computer is responsible for controlling a stable and balanced flying. The sensors are monitoring the altitude of the drone and adjust the speed and pitch of the blades accordingly.


3D drone is an easy operation flying vehicles that requires from the pilot only direction and it is easy as driving a bike, except the the drone could be flown in any direction.



The blades are automatically vertically rotating to adjust the power of the air that is being pushed to keep the drone stable. Unlike traditional drones that keep the drones by 'jumping' into the air, 3D blades drone controls the stability and altitude by changing the pitch of the blades.

3D blades drone provides comfort and softness for a pleasant flying without feeling of constant loss of altitude. 

About TERRAdr.one

We are team of professional who have worked in a number of large and small companies but the love to new technology has brought us together and we are striving to build the world's first 3D human carrying drone that could be stable, controllable, easy to operate and inexpensive.

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If you have any questions or ideas, please email us: wolffants@gmail.com

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TERRAdr.one is an exciting project that might change our perception of 21st century travelling. However, such a project requires significant investments for research and development, therefore please let us know if you would like to invest into one of the greatest real world technology.